The LightCube scanhead is a industry-grade 2D XY laser scanhead with analogue control, an impressive small size and an amazing low price. It offers the following functions and features:

  • two-axis analog interface to scanner controller (can be used with E1701A or any other scanner controller card with ±10 V analogue control interface)
  • fits easily into any new or existing production line
  • low idle (no marking) power consumption of less than 10 W
  • improved dynamic performance
  • small mirror movements without waiting for feedback
  • simple and fast set-up
  • power supply requires ±15 V with 3 A only
  • mirror size 10 mm
  • positioning speed up to 6 m/sec, marking speed up to 450 cps
  • resolution 12 µrad
  • 1 % step response setting to 0,1 % fs: 0,39 msec
  • scale drift <50 ppm/°C, zero drift <30 µrad/°C
  • linearity 99.9 % (at up to 20° excursion), 99,5 % (at more than 20° excursion)
  • short term repeatability <5 µrad
  • low weight of about 1,6 kg
  • small body dimensions of about 98 mm x 130 mm x 94 mm (plus optional lens ring /lenses)


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LightCube™ brand, hardware and design is © by HALaser Systems/VJT GmbH