HALscan 20.20 - 20 mm Aperture XY3-100 Scanhead

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The HALscan 20.20 galvo scanner is an high-speed laser galvo scanhead which can be used with high laser power, comes for an extremely competitive price and is certified to support the new, open and future-proof XY3-100 digital scanner interface with 20 bit resolution. This scanning head is fully adjusted, ready to use and only needs to be electrically connected for operation. It provides the following features:

  • 20 mm aperture
  • optional water-cooling
  • XY3-100 input signal
  • optionally a close to linear behaviour operation mode can be enabled, removing the necessity to use a correction table
  • high 20 bit digital resolution
  • position extrapolation in case of data transmission errors to avoid random burn-in points
  • standard +-15 V power supply
  • simple 1:1 connection with E1803D controller card possible via standard D-SUB25 cable
  • simple 1:1 connection with E1701D controller card and E1701dock possible via standard D-SUB25 cable
  • full operation with any other XY3-100 scanner controller
  • low idle power consumption
  • available for all relevant laser types/wave lengths
  • industry-standard mounting interface

The XY3-100 protocol itself is a new, open, future-proof and non-proprietary standard for communication between scanner controller card and scanhead. It provides variable position resolutions in range 16..26 bit and an extended backchannel. It is hardware-compatible to its predecessor XY2-100 and therefore can be implemented by scanhead-vendors in existing hardware simply via a firmware upgrade.

The tables below give an overview about some of the common F-Theta lenses which are available for the HALscan 20 galvanometer scanner,
for other variants and sizes please contact us:

Fiber (1064 nm)
Type / FL (mm) Scanfield (mm x mm) Distance (mm)
100 70 125
170 100 208
210 150 271
254 175 318
330 220 377
350 240 398
420 300 480
500 360 560
650 450 728
900 600 988


HALscan manual containing hardware and usage description as well as full pinout: halscan_manual.pdf

HALscan 20.20 3D CAD model in STP format: HALscan20.20.stp